Alarma is a billingual neo-latin band from Los Angeles whose high-energy live performances fuse reggae, cumbia, and electronic elements. The band delivers a danceable, world-alternative mix that embraces influences from around the world. The lyrical themes of self-empowerment, healing, unity and global community transcends from the most basic human emotions. These vibes are then connected by contagious melodies that stimulate self-discovery through dance and ecstatic release. 

After debuting on Fox 11’s Good Day LA, Alarma has been featured on community radio stations across the country. They have performed in festivals for thousands of music fans throughout California and have played numerous benefit shows for social and environmental causes. 

Alarma es una banda de rock alternativo de Los Angeles, California cuya apelación musical se extiende a través de todas las fronteras. Conocidos por sus tocadas de alta energía, este conjunto abarca estilos como cumbia, reggae, ska, y flamenco. Música de Alarma lleva un puñetazo rítmico y melódico que garantiza mover a las masas.

Our history

Alarma has two full length albums and a more recent single/music video called “Curandera.”… (full history will be published soon)