What People Are Saying About Our Music

“I’m now a huge fan! What fantastic music, beautiful video, solid band….!!!  Sending it to lots of folks.”

-Peter McLaren, PhD (The Paulo Freire Democratic Project, Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies)

“Better than a lot of what we’re hearing on the radio today…” 

-Huffington Post (Artist Interview)


“You really can’t help but tap your feet or sing along…A smart bunch of tunes from a band who know exactly what they are doing.” 

-Short and Sweet LA/NYC


“there is no excuse for Alarma not to become huge, putting out an eclectic piece of art that will pull in nearly every type of music fan.” 

-Listen Here Reviews


Alarma is my new fav. Fresh, infectious, the shit. Whatever you want to call their genre, there’s no other band out there like them.” 

-Scallywag Magazine