“Curandera” by the Los Angeles band Alarma narrates the tale of a medicine woman whose spirit weaves through an assortment of cultures and time periods. When we have lost our way, the Curandera is one of those great healers and teachers who has been known to come find us, re-connecting us with nature and our inner potential. With fast-paced percussion, melodic flamenco rock-inspired riffs, and a pulsating dance beat, the song pays homage to a universal feminine energy and wisdom. Look closely, Las Curanderas are all around us.

Directed by: Pedro Martinez

Shot and edited by: Troy Ramirez

Also edited by: Ray Nichols

Music recorded by Jeff Rayl (Live at the Raylz in Stanton, CA) and Turra Medina (Turra Music, Inglewood, CA) Mixed and mastered by Turra Medina

Music and lyrics by Alarma © 2018




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