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Featured in Gozamos.com: a spotlight on arts, community, and culture

We appreciate this shout-out from Gozamos! “Alarma delivers a high-energy fusion of world-alternative, bilingual, neo-Latin dance music from Los Angeles. Drawing on cumbia, alternativo, reggaeton, and reggae, their songs explore themes of empowerment, redemption, and global justice. For several years this band has rocked clubs, schools and festivals throughout California. Alarma has performed at benefit concerts for […]

“Curandera” video shot in Joshua Tree, CA

“Curandera” narrates the tale of a medicine woman whose spirit weaves through an assortment of cultures and time periods. When we have lost our way, the Curandera is one of those great healers and teachers who has been known to come find us, re-connecting us with nature and our inner potential. With fast-paced percussion, melodic […]

“World Ignition” album available!

Alarma’s most recent album “World Ignition” is on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Deezer, etc. Download it today and groove out! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/world-ignition/id1171446459 When the album came out, the  Huffington Post had this to say in a feature about the band: “Alarma evokes a true world music sound, drawing on a wide range of influences from the Middle […]

2 Shows at Dia de Los Muertos…CD RELEASE!

We’re about to drop new CD “World Ignition!” 8 new tracks putting our hearts on our sleeve…bringing some of our deepest stories of loss, triumph and personal inspiration, with ska, calypso rock, cumbia and beyond…it’s an album about finding our voice and persevering to make a stand. We’ll be playing a latin set at De […]

Alarma featured in “The New Times”

Got mentioned in San Luis Obispo’s newspaper on our first visit to this college town. The show rocked and we will certainly be coming back to serve all the locals and students with their need for sweaty dancing and skankin’! “I’m checking out Alarma’s video for “The Last Train,” a cool mix of sepia-tone faux […]